Adapting to an inflationary environment

Inflationary pressures are historically high, pressuring finance professionals to plan-ahead instead of reacting to what is occurring right now. While no organization is protected from fluctuations in inflation, interest rates, and foreign exchange (FX), organizations that use sophisticated assumptions to build scenarios will be better prepared to adapt current operations to new realities.

Join FP&A expert Paul Barnhurst, a.k.a The FP&A Guy, Kristina Crains (senior Director of Product Marketing Jedox) and Timothy Caudill (Director Solution Advisory Americas Jedox), on November 8th - 4 p.m. online as they explore how to achieve stability and overcome inflationary pressures in the financial planning process.

Learnings in 1 hour with Paul Barnhurst, Timothy Caudill and Kristina Crains

  • How to operate in environments of high volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)

  • How to plan for and adapt to a variety of outcomes related to inflationary pressures

  • How to find opportunity in uncertainty

  • How to leverage pre-built models to speed your analysis of the current and future environment

November 8th 2022


16.00 till 17.00


Laura vvre
Laura vvre
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Paul Barnhurst
Paul Barnhurst
the FP&A Guy
Tim Caudill
Tim Caudill
Director of Solution Advisory

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