AWS – Brave New World - RoundTable Trilogy

CFO in a New Brave World. Has our life gotten easier lately? Or are CFOs under extra pressure in this Brave New World? Based on that question, we share our personal insights and experiences in 3 roundtables and take stock of the pros and cons of working in the Zeitgeist of the 21st century.

#2 The future of work – how to build tech savvy teams

Digitization, innovation and AI, driven by new technologies: these are the hot topics in many boardrooms. How do you dynamically deal with rapid developments as an organization? How do you adopt new technologies for the future? What resources can you deploy in an overheated IT sector? How do you build a tech savvy dream team?


  • How can we organise circles of innovation?
  • How to build business with technology and stay humane and people centric at the same time?
  • What can we learn from front runners like AWS who have been digital natives from the word go?
  • How Agile is your organization?
  • How do you build an Agile organization?
  • What can you contribute as a CFO to work Agile?
  • Are you currently working on the implementation of a tool and/or technique?
  • How do you become attractive to young talent?
  • How do you deal with the war of talent and position yourself as: Technical innovator with social relevance?
  • What does it take to build data savvy and tech savvy teams?


15.00  Reception with coffee and tea

15.30  Welcome word on behalf of the finance community

15.40  Introduction special guests and drop theme

15.45  Round table discussion

17.00  Wrap-up and summary

17.15  Drinks and short speech AWS

18.00  Dinner