Why Finance Leaders are Prioritizing Account Reconciliation & Data Matching Automation
Thursday 14 October 2021 - 10:00 AM


The finance and accounting organization faces constant pressure to perform a timely and accurate close at every period-end. With the enterprise close process encompassing massive amounts of work to complete from preparation to posting, simply delivering a consistent result can be a daunting proposition.

In this webinar, Redwood’s Shak Akhtar will share how finance transformation innovators have approached the problem, leveraging automation not just to manage a close checklist, but actually execute the work. You will learn how even the most challenging manual preparation steps and workarounds can be addressed through process orchestration across ERPs and business applications.

What steps can you take to build an automation approach that makes the close a non-event? Join us on September 8 and find out.


Shak Akhtar, SVP Finance Automation

Duration: 1 hour