Why Finance Leaders are Prioritizing Account Reconciliation & Data Matching Automation
Thursday 14 October 2021 - 10:00 AM


Resolving exceptions during the Balance Sheet Certification process: the bane of preparers, reviewers, and approvers alike! Chasing down facts while facing close deadlines is a familiar source of stress, compounded by the modern enterprise’s complexity.

As one of the first targets for automation by many organizations, reconciliation (and associated data matching) presents an enormous opportunity. In this webinar, Redwood’s Shak Akhtar will share how to employ a top-down, risk-based approach that builds trust in your reconciliation process and ensures results are thorough, accurate and on time.

Finance software providers have claimed comprehensive auto-certification, but many a beleaguered accounting professional tells a different story at month-end. On October 14, you’ll learn the right questions to ask your team and vendors to finally tame reconciliation and free your team from tedious data-matching exercises.

Join us on October 14th from 10.00-11.00am CEST.


Shak Akhtar, SVP Finance Automation

Duration: 1 hour